Brenda Riggins, known as Granny Brenda, dedicated herself to putting others before self. When diagnosed with cancer, her first thoughts concerned that she was not eligible to give blood anymore. Brenda had been a donor to the American Red Cross for decades, giving many gallons and recruiting other donors as well.   I promised her I would donate, and I did. Not feeling that was enough compared to her legacy of giving, we organized the first Brenda Riggins Memorial Blood Drive at Hope Presbyterian Church in Martinsville on January 3rd, 2015.

Before she passed, she told my siblings that any time they saw a butterfly it would be her. Our Relay for Life team and our group are now known as Brenda's Butterflies. We are committed to helping others particularly those causes that Brenda cared about most such as the American Red Cross and American Cancer Society.

Brenda also cared deeply about gardening and wanted her plants and flowers to live on. The "Granny Brenda Butterfly Garden" is the fulfillment of her wish.


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